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  • Sindre Jacobsen

Wallytender 45 available for daycharters with captain in Oslo

The Wally 45 boasts an exquisite blend of versatility and aesthetic appeal. Whether you seek a delightful and secure family outing without compromising on luxury or aim to impress a business partner with a relaxing excursion, this boat is sure to leave a lasting impression.

Onboard, you will discover ample and cozy spaces for sunbathing, providing the perfect opportunity to unwind and admire the breathtaking surroundings during your day charter.

The yacht's layout is meticulously designed to create numerous social areas. You can recline on the stern, engage in enjoyable conversations under the sunroof, or be the first to spot marine life while cruising on the bow. The spacious bow area is adorned with comfortable sunbathing cushions. Additionally, there is a bathroom available for your convenience.

In summary, this vessel will leave you in awe. It promises to forge cherished memories, provide an exceptional day out, and captivate attention wherever you choose to anchor during your day charter.

To obtain further information or to arrange an opportunity to experience this remarkable motor yacht firsthand, please don't hesitate to contact us.

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